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Victim 'disgusted' by policeman Stephen Mitchell

One of Pc Stephen Mitchell's victims
Image caption The woman met Mitchell in 2003

One of the vulnerable women targeted by Pc Stephen Mitchell has told of her disgust at his sexual crimes.

The Northumbria Police officer has been found guilty of two charges of rape and three indecent assaults involving vulnerable women he met on duty.

The 42-year-old, from Glasgow, was also convicted of six counts of misconduct in public office.

He was cleared of nine counts of misconduct in public office, three of indecent assault and three of rape.

The woman was involved in one of the misconduct in public office charges for which Mitchell was found guilty.

She first came into contact with the officer in 2003 when a friend she was with was arrested for shoplifting.

The woman was a drug addict and had non-prescribed diazepam which she said Mitchell had given back to her when she was released. They then exchanged numbers.

Image caption The woman said Mitchell had given her drugs

She said he had rubbed her leg and tried to kiss her in an interview room at Newcastle's Pilgrim Street police station and asked if he could take her out before he drove her home.

"I was shocked at first. But at the time I didn't really think about anything like that because at the time I was an addict and I was just going along with anything just to get the tablets back," she said.

"And he also said he could get them for me off people who he took them off in the street and he would help us out giving us money and stuff."

She said she had not had a sexual relationship with Mitchell but it had been difficult to keep him away.

The woman met him about seven times, which she said she knew she should not have done but did so for the sake of getting drugs and money from him.

The Pc's victim said he would call at night and ask her to go to a hotel with him, but she would only meet him during the day and started ignoring his calls.

Image caption The woman met Mitchell at Pilgrim Street police station

After a while he stopped giving her tablets.

She said: "I think it was disgusting. He totally abused his authority and took advantage of vulnerable people."

But she said she had not reported what was happening.

"I just thought, who would believe someone who had a criminal record, someone who was on drugs over a police officer?"

When she was contacted by detectives investigating an officer she said she immediately knew who it was

Speaking after the verdict, she said: "I feel relieved and just glad and happy that he is going to get punished for what he has done.

"I am happy for all the officers involved for all the hard work they have put into the case. I wouldn't have really been able to do it if it wasn't for them."

She said she was now settling into a new home, was hoping to start a family and had put drugs behind her.

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