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Snowy footprints lead to arrest in North Shields

A man has been arrested following a burglary at a house in North Shields after police officers followed footprints left in the snow.

Police were called to a house in Cleveland Road at 0347 GMT on Thursday after a resident was woken up by a noise in his home.

He went downstairs and discovered an intruder had been in the house and stolen keys and a wallet.

Police followed footprints in the snow through an open gate and over a fence.

A short time later, at 0426 GMT, a 26-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of burglary.

It emerged the householder had left the door unlocked.

Police reminded residents to make sure their homes were secure before going to bed.

Neighbourhood inspector Geoff Cross said: "It's all too easy for a sneak-in thief to take the opportunity to let themselves into an insecure home and officers won't always have the assistance of a winter's snowy weather to track down a suspect."

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