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Driver hurt in Seaton Burn by ice-throwing youths

A 58-year-old Tyneside lorry driver had to have glass removed from his face after youths shattered his windscreen with a slab of ice.

Graham Minto was on the A1 near Seaton Burn in icy conditions when the slab was thrown from an overhead footbridge on Wednesday afternoon.

Mr Minto's windscreen shattered and he had to steer the vehicle into a layby.

Northumbria Police said two youths aged between 12 and 14 were responsible and are trying to trace them.

Sgt Jason Ryder said: "Thankfully Mr Minto is now recovering at home and wasn't more seriously injured.

"This was a criminal act and potentially the consequences could have been fatal.

"We don't want to discourage young people from enjoying the snowy conditions, but they must do so responsibly.

'Taken seriously'

"Irresponsible behaviour of this nature is taken very seriously."

Both youths were wearing dark clothing and one was wearing a black hooded top.

Mr Minto said: "The ice hit the windscreen right in front of me.

"There were pieces of glass everywhere and I could only see out of a small part of the windscreen.

"There was other traffic on the road at the time.

"It was slushy and slippery, and this could have been a lot worse for both myself and other road users."

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