Measures to ration Northumberland road salt supplies

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Measures including limiting spreading on roads are being taken to preserve salt stocks in Northumberland over the Christmas period.

Northumberland County Council said it was rationing supplies on the advice of the Department for Transport.

It is timed to coincide with days when there is expected to be less traffic.

It follows an announcement earlier this week by Durham County Council that only major routes would gritted after extra salt supplies failed to arrive.

Northumberland council said it would continue to plough and remove snow and use winter grit mix to improve adhesion.

Some roads untreated

It said there would be enough salt until January when new stocks are due to be delivered.

Among the measures it is introducing are reducing the spread of salt on top priority routes and limiting evening spreading to areas where ice may form.

Winter mix, which is sand and aggregate, will be used on second priority routes after snow is ploughed.

Priority three routes will be left unless it is decided there is an emergency situation.

Paths and town centre areas will only be gritted after snow has been removed.

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