Sunderland teenager wins regional memory competition

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Mark accepts his award from memory champion Dominic O'Brien

A teenager from Sunderland has been crowned the north-east of England winner in the UK Schools Memory Championships.

Mark Towers, from Usworth College, beat off the competition by scoring 1,226.

Competitors were expected to remember 120 words, 122 numbers, 17 events and dates and 48 playing cards in sequence.

Mark, who competed against dozens of competitors from North East schools and colleges, will now go to the national finals held in London on 13 July.

In 2010, the national competition finished with all three top medallists coming from the North East.

Mark said: "They give you a sheet of a thousand numbers, single digits, they're in rows of 40 numbers and you have to literally remember as many as you can and I remembered 98.

"I don't try and remember single digits, I try and put groups together, so like three or four numbers and I'll give them significance.

"For example zero, eight, nine, that's how old my granddad is, things like that. Things that are important to your life are important and stick in your head."

Rhiannon Green, 16, from Stanley School of Technology in Stanley, County Durham, won silver in the latest regional final, with a score of 1,130.

Bronze was taken by Daniel Holliday, 17, from City of Sunderland College, whose score was 1,110.

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