Springwatch: Amble Harbour eider ducks recorded


The unusual mating call of the male eider duck has been captured by a wildlife sound recordist from Northumberland for BBC Springwatch.

Chris Watson travels the world recording the voices of nature, but the eider duck can be found on his doorstep at Amble on the north east coast.

"We've got on the boat and we're actually surround by eiders. It's beautifully calm and still, the perfect recording conditions.

"I've seen these birds in the far distance, but I've never been close enough to record them in close perspective. They were so close I could actually hear them taking breath through the top of their bill."

Known locally as "cuddy's ducks", named after Saint Cuthbert, more than 1,500 breeding pairs are thought to live on the Northumberland coast. They spend most of their life on the open sea, but return to the coast to breed.

Springwatch can be seen Monday to Thursday at 2000 BST on BBC2 until 16 June.

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