Jobless Gateshead graduate Joe Busby prints CV on T-shirt

image captionPrinting the CV on his T-shirt cost £25

A graduate from Gateshead who has been looking for a job since January is taking a new approach to be noticed.

Joe Busby, 27, from Gateshead, has printed a T-shirt which says "employ me" in big letters across the front and has his entire curriculum vitae on the back.

After having experience in management in his early 20s, working in bars and then graduating from Teesside University with a business management degree, Joe is still finding it difficult to secure a job.

After searching for nine months, he has fallen at the last hurdle at his most recent interviews for management jobs and is starting to get "frustrated".

He spends most days advertising himself around Newcastle and Gateshead, hoping that a prospective employer will see the CV on his back.

He said: "I got quite frustrated after a visit to the job centre, it was quite depressing and I figured I have to do something different to stand out.

"When I wear it through the city centre, about 90% will take a good glance at it and a second look.

"So it only takes one executive or HR guy to look and take note of it."

With his previous experience and newly-gained degree, Joe didn't think it would be this difficult to find a new job.

"Seeing not many new jobs coming up together with the lack of response for jobs you know you're qualified and experienced for, it's quite a depressing atmosphere.

"I'm not in a position to be choosy but I will work for my money."

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