Suzie McCash hailed hero after 999 call saves mother's life

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Meet the girl, 4, who called 999 and saved her mum's life

The mother of a four-year-old girl who called 999 when she suffered a near-fatal allergic reaction has described her daughter as "brave and incredible".

Suzie McCash, from Tynemouth, rang police and calmly explained that "Mummy's got her eyes closed" and that she could not talk.

A recording of the call was released by Northumbria Police, who said she almost certainly saved her mother's life.

Rowena McCash was treated in hospital and has made a full recovery.

The GP suffered a severe allergic reaction at home last month and went into respiratory arrest.

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A little girl's 999 call that saved her mum's life

Suzie dialled 999 and described her mother's situation to police call handler Adam Hall, who guided paramedics to the family home in Tynemouth.

The youngster earlier received a bravery award and was reunited with the police and ambulance service staff involved in the drama.

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Suzie said she wanted to be a paramedic when she grows up

Dr McCash said: "I feel incredibly fortunate for how brave and clever Suzie was and I am incredibly proud of her.

"She's so amazing. Everyone thinks their children are amazing, but this is something else.

"Suzie tells me I fell on the floor and that I just wouldn't get up again.

"At some point I got to the sofa, but we don't quite know what happened after that.

"I'm so grateful to the police, especially the police call handler, who was just so calm."

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Suzie McCash and her parents were reunited with emergency services staff

Paramedic Jamie Frend, who treated Dr McCash before taking her to hospital, said: "When we arrived Suzie made a beeline for me and gave me possibly one of the most professional and succinct handovers regarding her mum that I have ever had. From a child, it blew me away.

"She said Mum was possibly having a reaction to something, that she had taken her medication twice and it hadn't worked.

"She also told me how Mum had presented before the 999 call and during the call, which gave me a good picture of what was happening."

Supt Nicola Musgrove said: "Suzie's mum stopped breathing altogether but paramedics were able to stabilise her.

"Had it not been for the quick actions of Suzie she would undoubtedly have died."

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