Singhsbury's renamed Morrisinghs after Sainsbury's 'legal row'

Image source, Jel Singh Nagra
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Morrisons said Mr Nagra's choice of name for his store showed he "had good taste"

A shopkeeper who claimed he was threatened with legal action after calling his shop Singhsbury's has changed its name to Morrisinghs.

Jel Singh Nagra's shop had no name for five years after he said Sainsbury's complained, The Northern Echo reported.

He has now put up a new sign naming his store Morrisinghs, in a bid to put his village of West Allotment, North Tyneside, "on the map".

A spokesman for Morrisons said the supermarket "did not mind".

"Mr Nagra and his customers obviously have good taste so we wish him well," he added.

Image source, Jel Singh Nagra
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Mr Nagra's family took the old sign down when Sainsbury's complained

Mr Nagra, who commutes 50 miles from Stockton to the shop in Benton Road, spent £350 on the new sign which he said was "a talking point".

"It is just a bit of banter and fun - it's not like we get passing trade - we are not stealing customers from supermarkets," he added.

"Originally when I was away on my honeymoon in 2012, I got a letter saying that Sainsbury's was threatening to take me to court.

"My family saw the letter and took the sign down because they were so worried. My customers kept saying I needed another sign so here it is and it's a bit cheeky."

The shop had already been called Singhsbury's for two years when Mr Nagra took it over from a family member in 2011.

Sainsbury's has been contacted for a comment.

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Sainsbury's has previously complained when a store in Aylesbury put a similar orange sign up