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Carragher prank tweet apology 'insincere'

Scott Forsyth speaking on his phone at BBC Newcastle
Image caption Scott Forsyth said he accepted the prank was not "malicious" but that the apology was "insincere"

A man whose phone number was tweeted by Jamie Carragher says the football pundit's apology was "insincere".

Scott Forsyth received more than 65,000 WhatsApp messages after his number was posted in the online prank.

Carragher had posted the seemingly random number asking for people to send him a clip of his Sky Sports sparring partner Gary Neville missing a goal.

Mr Forsyth has been offered a new phone and number, and an apology, Carragher's representative said.

He told BBC Newcastle the former footballer understood the difficulties the situation had caused Mr Forsyth.

'Really sorry'

Neville missed a clear-cut chance in a legends rematch on Sunday of Manchester United's 1999 Champions League final against Bayern Munich.

It prompted an online betting company to goad Carragher into sharing a clip of the incident on Twitter.

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Image caption Carragher asked for people to send him a link to the clip of Gary Neville's missed chance

Claiming he was in Turkey, the pundit asked fans to send him a clip via WhatsApp of Neville's miss.

But the number he claimed was his and tweeted - that he randomly made up - belonged to Mr Forsyth of Wylam, Northumberland.

The 37-year-old said he had been inundated with calls, many silent, from all over the world including India and America.

He has also received more than 65,000 Whatsapp messages, some of which were "graphic".

'Don't drink and tweet'

"[Carragher] rang and said: 'look mate I just want to say I'm really sorry for tweeting your number out... you must have had one or two phone calls'," said Mr Forsyth.

"I found it a little bit insincere the way he was talking. He didn't sound really remorseful or that it was that much of a big deal."

Mr Forsyth said he accepted the prank was not malicious but he did not want a new phone number as he had kept the same one for 12 years.

"He explained to me that he was drunk, which he'd also tweeted that not long after tweeting my number. It was blamed on alcohol.

"I do appreciate him calling up but I don't feel it was sincere. Don't drink and tweet that's all I can say. I don't think there was any malicious intent there, it was a tad stupid."

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Image caption Gary Neville was playing in a re-run of the 1999 Champions League final

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