Police patrols use golf buggies in Sunderland

Image caption, Motorcyclists have been causing problems for golfers

Police have turned to golf buggies in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour in Sunderland.

It follows an increase in anti-social behaviour around Elemore Golf Course in Easington Lane.

People have been using vans to transport motorbikes which are then illegally ridden on the paths around the course.

The buggies, lent by the club, enable officers to get around the course quickly to identify those responsible.

A Northumbria Police spokesman said motorcyclists had been causing disruption to golfers and people living near the course.

He said: "The golf course is a public site and we want the community to be able to enjoy it, not have it ruined by the behaviour of a few individuals.

"Anyone found riding a motorcycle illegally or irresponsible will receive a Section 59 Warning Notice.

"This warns them of their behaviour and that next time they could face arrest and their bike taken off them and crushed."

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