'Severed limbs' removed from Matalan's Salisbury store

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A clothing store in Salisbury has removed a Halloween display of fake "severed limbs" after a customer said it was disrespectful to the military.

Paul Harris told store bosses the display was "quite offensive" given the number of soldiers who lived locally.

"The arms and legs looked as if they'd been torn-off and the display was so in your face," he said.

Matalan said it would be removing the display from its Southampton Road store but declined to comment further.

Mr Harris added: "I appreciate it's Halloween but I just felt with all the garrison towns and the good soldiers around here it was not quite what one would expect to see walking into a shop.

"I was really pleased to hear they'd been taken out.

"I wasn't for stopping them selling those items, it was just so in your face as you walked into the shop really.

"Full marks to Matalan for reacting quickly," he said.