Wiltshire Council concerned about grit supplies


Wiltshire Council has said it is worried about running out of grit after another night of sub-zero temperatures.

It said all main routes and A and B roads had been treated, with up to a metre of snow cleared in some areas.

This year the council bought 14,700 tonnes of salt, almost doubling the amount it started with last winter.

Graeme Hay, from the council, said: "We're halfway through it before Christmas. We need to think carefully where we put the stock we have."

'Black ice everywhere'

The council said that in previous years it used about 8,000 tonnes, but last winter it used 11,000 tonnes.

Mr Hay added: "We are concerned because we've used nearly 7,000 tonnes since mid-November and we've still got January, February and March to go.

"We have been out patrolling since 5pm last night. All A and B roads have been treated across the county.

"Other problems we've seen are when minor roads join the A and B network - vehicles emerging involuntarily bring ice and snow out with them. It's very cold, there is black ice about everywhere."

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