Swindon council says 22 must leave sheltered accommodation

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Queenie Russell has lived at George Selman Gardens for 20 years

Elderly people living in sheltered housing in Swindon have been told they have to move out to make way for people on the council house waiting list.

The 22 residents affected by the decision live at George Selman Gardens and have one year to decide what to do.

Swindon Borough Council said it had too much sheltered accommodation and needed to reduce the number of 13,000 people who are waiting for general housing.

The council said the block was "unfit for use" as sheltered housing.

'Financial assistance'

A spokesman for the council said it understood it was a difficult for the residents who would have to move.

He said: "We have a massive number of people waiting for general housing - over 13,000 - and we have too much sheltered accommodation, some of which isn't really suitable for the purpose.

"We will work with every resident and their family to find new housing that meets their needs, and we will provide financial assistance as well."

Resident Queenie Russell said: "I don't like it at all because I've been here 20 years in June, and I lived just over there for 35 years, so I know everybody and they are ever so friendly in here."

The council said 63 sheltered homes would remain at George Selman Gardens. The council wants to convert the other 22 into self-contained flats which would be separate from the sheltered accommodation areas.

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