Great Western Hospital ends use of mixed-sex wards

The use of mixed-sex wards at Great Western Hospital in Swindon has ended, bosses have said.

Last month, every patient admitted to acute care for an overnight stay was placed in a same-sex ward.

The hospital has achieved this through its admissions process by separating the most urgent cases from those who can be sent home within a day.

The Patients Association welcomed the news, saying it would ensure the dignity and privacy of all patients.

Under government guidelines, hospitals have to pay out £250 fine for each day a patient is placed in a mixed-sex ward.

Dr Mike Smith, of the Patients Association, said: "The Great Western of course is to be congratulated on getting it down to nothing.

"For a start it's dignity, but also they have more money to treat people, because they're not having to pay £250 a day, which is virtually a fine."

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