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DJ Paul Oakenfold plays set at Stonehenge

image captionPaul Oakenfold is the first DJ to play at Stonehenge

Paul Oakenfold has become the first DJ to play a set at the ancient Stonehenge monument in Wiltshire.

The trance DJ, who has spent his summer working in Ibiza, performed his set at the World Heritage Site on Thursday - a closely guarded secret.

Just 50 people were allowed to attend the event which happened as the sun went down.

"I'm very lucky to get asked to perform and do a live show to sunset," Oakenfold told the BBC.

The DJ, who has previously played at venues including the Great Wall of China and Base Camp at Mount Everest, admitted there had been "a lot of preparation".

"It's an honour, as an Englishman, to play at one of the most iconic sites not just in Britain but in the world," he said.

"Why Stonehenge? We want to support English Heritage. It's important to let the young generation - any generation - know how important this place is."

Kate Davies, Stonehenge director, said they had been working with the DJ to find a way for him to use Stonehenge as a "backdrop" to his music.

She said that the curator at Stonehenge had been working to ensure there was no damage to the stones adding it was English Heritage's "priority".

"We're actually using silent disco technology so there won't be any loud noises," she added.

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