Mysterious 'positive' graffiti slogans in Trowbridge criticised

Graffiti sign Image copyright Tom Davidson
Image caption The slogans which say "help others" have been sprayed on roads and walls around Trowbridge

Graffiti which has mysteriously begun appearing around a town has been criticised despite the "positive" message it is thought to be promoting.

The unknown artist responsible for the signs that say "help others" has been dubbed the "Trowbridge Banksy" by residents of the Wiltshire town.

But some locals believe that while well-intentioned, the signs sprayed on roads and walls are "vandalism".

Wiltshire Police said it "would not encourage" criminal damage.

Posting on Facebook, Ben Howard said: "Whoever is responsible could be using more effective ways to get their point across.

"If every person in this town took to spraying messages about what they believe, then Trowbridge would look even more like a toddler's colouring book. The more attention this graffiti clown gets the more they will carry on."

"It's a nice message but it's still vandalism," said Stephanie Parfitt.

Image copyright Spotted in Trowbridge
Image caption The unknown artist responsible for the signs has been dubbed the "Trowbridge Banksy"

And Steven Wilcox added: "I agree with the sentiment of 'Help Others', we as a society should do more to help out those that are less unfortunate.

"However, does it need to be graffiti-ed on every wall, underpass and path around town?"

A Wiltshire Police spokeswoman said: "While the messaging of this graffiti may be largely positive, we would not encourage this type of criminal damage.

"If people wish to express their feelings publicly, we would suggest they go about it in a way that would not cause damage to our local community."

Wiltshire Council's highways cabinet member Bridget Wayman said: "I am not sure what the 'Help Others' graffiti is trying to do, but it does not help with the council's budget when we have to spend money removing it when it could be far better spent on vital service.

"Graffiti spraying is an offence and we will prosecute if we have the evidence."

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