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Selby noise-shy village residents in puppy cry row

image captionMs Gatenby said the puppy only cried when she was out of the house

A mother from a North Yorkshire village is being investigated about the noise made by her puppy.

Selby District Council contacted Lynsey Gatenby, of Barlby, advising her a complaint had been made.

Last month, residents of the village lodged noise complaints against Barlby Community School and the school was forced to impose a ban on ball games.

The school also ended its outside break and put up a soundproof fence after complaints about "excessive" noise.

Complaint 'disappointment'

However the ban was lifted at the end of September after receiving "overwhelming" support from as far afield as China.

Ms Gatenby said she was disappointed the neighbours had decided to complain about her puppy to the council before speaking to her.

She said: "He only cries when I'm not in and if they had knocked on the door and said 'do you realise how much noise he makes while you are out', I could have done something about it."

A spokesman from Selby District Council confirmed it had received a complaint.

He said the authority had a statutory duty to investigate all noise complaints.

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