York & North Yorkshire

Addicts warned of 'dirty drugs' in North Yorkshire

Drug addicts in parts of North Yorkshire have been warned about a batch of contaminated heroin which is being distributed among users.

Police said the heroin had been cut with two other drugs leaving users with "rattles, shakes and sweats".

The heroin contains drugs thought to used in the treatment of people with drug or alcohol dependency.

The contaminated batches are believed to in circulation in Harrogate, Ripon and York.

Police said The Gate in Harrogate, a drug treatment centre run by the Crime Reduction Initiative charity, could offer help to users who may have been exposed to the batch.

Manager Samantha Craggs, said: "We have received anecdotal information regarding the current poor quality of heroin in the local area.

"Contaminated heroin poses significant health risks to all users and we would encourage individuals to employ harm reduction techniques as advised by treatment services."

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