Knipe Point cliff homes threatened by new landslip

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Snow and ice have caused fresh landslips at the Knipe Point site above Cayton Bay

People living on a crumbling cliff edge near Scarborough fear their homes will not survive the winter after snow and ice caused fresh landslides.

Landslips have already led to the demolition of three cliff-top homes at Knipe Point overlooking Cayton Bay.

Residents at the site say about another four metres (13ft) has fallen away during the recent cold snap, leaving their bungalows closer to the edge.

Fifteen homes, owned mainly by elderly people, are deemed at imminent risk.

The residents have each been offered £50,000 by Scarborough Borough Council towards a new plot if they agree to allow their existing properties to be demolished.

The money is available as part of a £1m government grant given to the borough council to help communities adapt to coastal change.

However, residents' campaigners at Knipe Point said £50,000 would not be enough to buy a plot of land in Scarborough.

And the owners of four of the most vulnerable bungalows fear their homes may be claimed by the forces of nature before that choice becomes an issue.

Malcolm Pirks, the chairman of the Knipe Point Owners' Association, said: "If this bad winter carries on it's quite possible we will lose two of these and the two just further along.

"Since we've had this bad weather there are big chunks of it just falling down the cliff.

"At the rate it's going we won't survive this winter."

He said the worsening situation was causing "really intense worry" for the residents, who are aged between 65 and 90.

"These are their retirement homes and probably all their savings are in these properties," said Mr Pirks.

Nobody at Scarborough Borough Council was available for comment.

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