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Archbishop of York holds open air baptism

More than a dozen people have been immersed in a pool of water during open air Easter baptisms by the Archbishop of York.

Archbishop John Sentamu conducted the ceremony in a specially erected pool outside York Minister which was watched by more than 300 people.

It was organised by One Voice York, a network of churches across the city.

Church officials said the total immersion represented a person's death of their old life.

Hazel Trudgen, who was baptised, said: "I've been struggling with ME for 13 years really quite badly. I've been looking at all sorts of healing and recovery and I found that when I followed Jesus I've been a lot better."

She described the open-air baptism as a "really good experience".

Graham Hutchinson, from One Voice York, said: "Baptism is a symbol of death and new life, and it's especially important at Easter when we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

"As these people are immersed in the water they will symbolically die to their old life, and as they rise up into the air they will symbolically come alive into the life of Jesus Christ."

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