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York council's Lib Dem leader loses seat as Labour wins

Andrew Waller
Image caption Mr Waller said a 'serious change' was needed in the party's leadership

The Liberal Democrat leader of the City of York Council has lost his seat in the elections as Labour took control of the authority.

The Labour group has secured 26 of the 47 seats including former leader Andrew Waller's Westfield ward.

The Lib Dems, previously the council's biggest party, suffered an 11-seat loss with Labour gaining eight seats.

Mr Waller said: "I think there's a very serious change of approach that's needed at the leadership of the party."

The former Lib Dem leader Steve Galloway also lost his seat.

In 2007 the authority went into no overall control with a minority Lib Dem administration.

The new leader James Alexander said he would reverse £1m worth of cuts agreed by the previous administration, which would include cuts to youth services and vulnerable people's services.

No change

Elsewhere across the county, the Conservative Party has gained both Harrogate and Ryedale council, which previously had no overall control.

The party has also kept control of Hambleton and Selby.

In Harrogate, the Tories gained eight seats from 26 to 34 whilst the Lib Dems lost five seats and the Independents three.

Richmondshire remains a council with no overall control following the elections.

The Independents gained four seats while the Tories and Lib Dems both lost two.

Scarborough's elections have seen no change in the authority's no overall control status.

The Conservatives remain the biggest party, having gained one seat to 25.

Labour gained four seats, with the Lib Dems and Independents both losing two and the Green Party one.

The national alternative vote referendum has also taken place, the first referendum since 1975.

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