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North Yorkshire Police faces sex discrimination case

A former female firearms officer is suing North Yorkshire Police over claims of sexual discrimination.

The officer, identified as Miss M for security reasons, was trained as a firearms officer but went back to other duties after failing a training course, a tribunal in London has heard.

She claims she was not offered the chance to be reassessed, as some male colleagues were.

North Yorkshire Police denies the claims of discrimination.

'Pink gun'

Miss M claims she was told female officers did not have loud enough voices to take part in operations, and in one training exercise she was left humiliated when she was led to a cabinet which contained pornographic magazines.

Giving evidence at the Central London Employment Tribunal, Miss M also said a chief inspector asked if she wanted a "pink gun".

The senior officer later apologised for the remark.

Her partner, a serving policeman, said in a statement submitted to the tribunal: "She told me about the way she was constantly singled out, bullied, accused of having an affair with another course member and generally belittled and humiliated in front of classmates by training staff.

"I could not believe that the behaviour M was telling me about could actually exist in this day and age, but I have no doubt that this behaviour was taking place."

The hearing is due to resume next week.

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