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Hambleton council commits £100,000 to apprentice scheme

Up to £100,000 is to be provided to try to persuade employers in parts of North Yorkshire to take on new apprentices.

Hambleton District Council said the scheme would subsidise the wages of apprentices for up to six months.

The council will pay 50% of the wages of up to 15 people, aged between 18 and 24, who are employed by local companies.

The scheme is being paid for through savings the council has already made.

'Good deal'

Neville Huxtable, Conservative leader of the authority, said: "Many young people leave school and have no hope of a job and no future to look forward to.

"This authority has banked a good deal of savings and it is now time for us to look at ways of reinvesting some of those savings back into our communities."

He said the council would target small local businesses that struggle to afford to employ apprentices.

The funding will be split between the new scheme and a similar one where the council pays the full wage of apprentices for a short period of time.

The council has also taken on 10 new apprentices in its waste and street scene department.

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