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Car bonnet woman gets 12-month suspended sentence

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Media captionNorth Yorkshire Police has released footage of a man who was carried and thrown from a car bonnet.

A woman has been given a 12-month suspended sentence after she threw a man from her car bonnet into the road after a row over a painting.

Mandy McGuigan, of Tennyson Road, Colne, drove away from Heathcote Antiques in Cross Hills last year after owner Simon Webster refused to buy it.

She was also fined £750 and given 300 hours of community service at Bradford Crown Court.

Mr Webster said he was in a "bit of a mess" after the "terrifying incident".

Mr Webster was left hanging onto the front of the car as it sped off into heavy traffic.

'Drove as speed'

North Yorkshire Police traffic sergeant Peter Stringer previously said it was "sheer luck" Mr Webster was not killed.

Image caption Mr Webster said the bonnet ride was a "terrifying incident"

"She drove away at speed, through a red traffic light into heavy traffic and taking a sharp bend, at which point Mr Webster fell off," he added.

Mr Webster said: "I was just glad when I eventually hit the ground and everything stopped.

"She sped off up the road and that was the last we saw of her."

He said he suffered a broken shoulder, lacerations to the head and a knee injury in the incident.

The incident happened after Mr Webster refused to buy a painting she had offered for sale. He told her it was not suitable for his antique shop and McGuigan left the shop.

She backed her car into the shop, and when Mr Webster went outside to remonstrate with McGuigan he was swept up onto the bonnet. The car was driven off as he stood in front of it.

He said the incident had given him "nightmares for a few weeks" but he now wanted to "put it behind him".

McGuigan had previously pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, causing grievous bodily harm and failing to stop after an accident.

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