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Selby man Benjamin Allerton hatched 'bizarre' revenge plot

A man told two teenagers who were camping "you've got five seconds to run" before ramming their tent with his van, a court heard.

Benjamin Allerton, 25 of Millgate, Selby, staged a "bizarre" bid to injure the pair after arguing with their friends, York Crown Court was told.

Allerton admitted two counts of grievous bodily harm to the boy, 16, and 13-year-old girl, in March.

His guilty plea led to charges of attempted murder being dropped.

The court heard the defendant, a landscape gardener, had joined about 15 young people who were drinking in a field between York Road and the River Ouse in Barlby, on 11 March.

Witnesses told the court he was drunk and "showing off" by cutting trees and adding petrol to their camp-fire.

However, a fight broke out when Allerton tried to put his arm around a 13-year-old girl.

He was punched by a male teenager in the group and told to go home, but instead "sat there crying" before being bundled into his van.

Prosecutor Andrew Dallas said Allerton then drove round Selby hatching a plan to "flatten the camp" before returning.

"About 30 to 45 minutes later, they were alerted to the roar of a vehicle approaching," he said.

Allerton drove across the field at about 30mph but missed the tents, veering head-on into a riverbank before turning round.

"According to the witnesses, he got out of the van and shouted words to the effect of 'You've got five seconds to run'," Mr Dallas said.

One girl also "heard the defendant shouting out a countdown" as the group scattered for cover among trees, he said.

'Out of his head'

Allerton, who ploughed into a tent after taking another run-up, drove at the injured pair as they fled.

The girl received bruises to her limbs but was not seriously hurt.

However, Allerton ran over the boy's arm and shoulder causing fractures, which required surgery.

Mr Dallas told the court Allerton was about twice the drink-drive limit when he was breathalysed the next day, but denied being so on the night.

One member of the group however, described him as being "out of his head, falling over and slurring".

"He admitted that his intention was to deliberately injure them," Mr Dallas said.

Allerton pleaded guilty to causing GBH with intent and attempting to cause GBH with intent

He was remanded in custody and is due to be sentenced on Tuesday.

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