York & North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire Police tipped off over drink-driving

More than 100 motorists were arrested for drinking and driving over the Christmas period in North Yorkshire.

Police said many of those stopped had been reported to the force by members of the public after drinking or taking drugs then getting behind the wheel.

Senior officers said 114 people had been arrested, a figure higher than the previous year.

Traffic Sgt Pete Stringer said intelligence from the community had played an important part in the purge.

Mr Stringer said: "Although it is concerning that we arrested more people during this year's campaign than we did a year ago and during the summer campaign, I am really pleased by the response of the public in general.

"The vast majority of people know that drink and drug driving is reckless, dangerous and irresponsible which was evident in the number of calls we received to report people suspected of driving while under the influence of drink or drugs."

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