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Kittens killer John Akrill jailed

A man has been jailed for 20 weeks for killing four eight-week-old kittens and dumping them in a bin.

John Stephen Akrill, 47, of Great Fryup Dale, Whitby, had pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the kittens in August 2014.

Akrill was also banned from keeping animals for life by Scarborough magistrates.

The RSPCA said Akrill's actions had been a "cruel act" designed to upset his former partner.

Hammer attack

The animal charity had been called to Ackrill's home on 16 August 2014.

Karen Colman, an inspector with the organisation, said: "He told us he had broken the kittens necks by strangling them, before hitting them over the head with a hammer to make sure they were dead, and dumping them in a bin."

Akrill had said he killed them because they had cat flu but Miss Colman said the animals had been in good condition.

"This was absolutely not an appropriate or humane way to kill an animal, even if they had been ill," she said.

"This was a cruel act carried out to upset Mr Akrill's ex-partner."

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