Northern Ireland

Reaction to Strand Road police station bomb

Below is some of the reaction to the car bomb attack at the police station in Londonderry on Tuesday morning.

Gregory Campbell, DUP East Londonderry MP

"It is essential that not only words of condemnation follow these attacks but action flows from them as well.

"Describing the perpetrators as "evil" or "traitors" is accurate as far as it goes but what is required to prevent re-occurrence is information, evidence, prosecution, conviction in a court followed by lengthy prison sentences."

Martina Anderson, Sinn Fein Foyle MLA

"This is the second such attack in the area in the last two months and I would call on those who support these groups to come forward and explain to the people of Derry how these bombs will in any way advance republican objectives."

Basil McCrea, Ulster Unionist Policing Board member

"For too long we have downplayed the impact of these attacks.

"The damage they do to Northern Ireland's reputation across the world has serious implications for investment.

"In a financially critical time - and in the early stages of building our global reputation - this is something we can ill afford."

Colum Eastwood, SDLP Mayor of Derry

"Police didn't even have time to evacuate a nursing home or apartments right beside the police station.

"We are very lucky today not to be talking about fatalities. It's an attack not just on the police but the entire community."

Kieran McCarthy MLA, Alliance

"This was an abhorrent attack.

"There is a small number of people who are trying to cause mayhem in our society but they must never prevail.

"The massive progress made in Northern Ireland in recent years cannot and must not be damaged by those seeking to cause instability."

Jim Allister, TUV leader

"When terrorism is rewarded, as it has been in Northern Ireland and in tandem, security is dumbed down to pander to the ill-named 'peace process', it is, sadly, no surprise that fresh terrorism flourishes."

Brian Rea, Policing Board Acting Chairman

"Once again, these are the actions of people who have no regard for human life and are only interested in causing maximum disruption and devastation to our community.

"Innocent civilians and police officers doing their jobs were put at serious risk from this attack, property was damaged and nothing was achieved.

"I have no doubt that the whole community in the city and afar will completely condemn this destructive and murderous attack."

Conor Kelly, local resident

"There was just this enormous noise like thunder and debris coming past my window because my curtains were open.

"I wasn't in the flat very long when it actually happened.

"It was pretty terrifying. I'm still very shaken."