Schools to learn funding decision

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Caitriona Ruane is to make the announcement later

Education Minister Caitriona Ruane is expected to reveal later which schools will benefit from a £13m windfall for building projects.

A list of schools which were approved for new builds was published a month ago, but at the time the minister said she had not enough money to start them.

The £13m has been made available by the redistribution of unspent budget from other departments.

It is thought about 12 schools will be able to make a start on their plans.

However, the £13m will not be enough to complete them all.

One school alone, on the list of those which comply with the department's check list, will cost more than double that.

A month ago, 67 schools learnt whether their projects were considered value for money and justified for major capital funding.

Thirty four of them were told they passed the test, others learnt they almost passed, but eight found out they did not.

The minister will announce later which schools will now get the go-ahead this year - some are at an early stage and would not be ready to go on site for some time.

It is believed some more minor works will be included in the £13m spend.

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