Derry artists travel to China for art exhibition

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Tom Kelly is one of the artists from the Bogside who is travelling to China

Artists from the Bogside in Londonderry are off to China for an international art exhibition.

They have been invited by the Dafen museum in the Shenzhen region near Shanghai.

They are the only Irish artists taking part in the event which is celebrating world cultures.

The artists will compose a special mural during their three week visit. Tom Kelly from the Bogside artists said it was a "tremendous honour".

"We got an email from the museum telling us they were big fans of our work and that they admired our style," he said.

"They asked us if we would come over and paint a mural alongside 34 other artists from different parts of the world.

"Since we were the only artists invited from Ireland, we thought this is great, not only for the Bogside artists but for Derry as well, so we said, yes, we're on our way."

Tom Kelly said Shenzhen is the "cultural hub" of China.

"There is a big arts community there and they are keen on culture from other parts of the world and exposing their people to that.

"There is a world Expo going on over there at the minute and we have been invited as a part of that as well," he added.