Third pipe bomb found in Antrim

Image caption, A device was discovered in the Beechfield area of Antrim earlier

The Army have dealt with a partially exploded pipe bomb outside a house in Antrim.

It was found in the front garden of a property in Birch Hill Park and is the third such device to be found in the town in the past two days.

Earlier on Thursday a pipe bomb was found on the window-sill of a house in the Beechfield area.

On Wednesday, a pipe bomb was discovered on the window-sill of a house at Fir Grove Lane.

SDLP South Antrim MLA Thomas Burns said people in the town were "thoroughly sick of all the disruption."

"We have little idea of what is going on with all these devices except to say that there is no particular reason to regard them as sectarian in intent," he added.

"But if it carries on someone is inevitably going to get hurt or worse, so we all need to help the police put a stop to it."

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