Polar Beyond use Europa rooftop as video backdrop

Still from Chapter Two video The Europa sign can be seen across Belfast

Given that it's one of Belfast's best known landmarks, it's perhaps surprising that it hasn't been used as the backdrop to a music video before.

However, up-and-coming local band Polar Beyond have filmed the video for their new song Chapter Two on the roof of the Europa Hotel, with its famous red neon sign in a starring role.

"I wasn't scared at first but when we were asked to do a take at the edge of the roof, I looked down and I couldn't even sing the song," said Polar Beyond frontman David Armstrong.

"There was a big fat pigeon sitting on the edge but he seemed happy enough hopping about."

Will McConnell, from Bandwidth Films, said the shoot was surprisingly easy to organise.

Watch Chapter Two video

"It was actually much harder to get another band permission to film in a bookshop a few months ago - the Europa Hotel were so open to this.

"But we were handed a form by the girl at reception - and you can see this at the beginning of the video - which said 'I hereby waive my rights...'."

The hotel, which was once one of the world's most bombed buildings, is regularly used for charity abseils.

"We wanted to use the Armagh Planetarium, it wasn't available but what's more iconic than the Europa Hotel," added Will McConnell.

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