DPP man's car destroyed in Newry petrol bomb attack


A Newry man whose car was destroyed in a petrol bombing has said he thinks he was targeted because he is a member of the District Policing Partnership.

Damian McKevitt, who lives in Drumalane Park, said he will not be deterred by those behind the attack.

Mr McKevitt was in his house with his father at about 2300 BST when the attack happened.

A neighbour saw a man in a hooded-top break the car window then throw the petrol bomb inside.

He then escaped in a waiting car.

Mr McKevitt said he would not be intimidated.

"It's obviously an attempt to intimidate and obviously a warning for me to disassociate myself from the District Policing Partnership and with the new policing dispensation," he said.

"If that is the motive - and I'm only speculating - it is an absolute spectacular failure because not only will I not be resigning from the DPP, this will actually re-energise and reinvigorate myself and make me more vocal."