German tourists injured in east Belfast coach stoning

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Three German tourists have been injured after a coach was stoned in east Belfast.

The vehicle was attacked on the King's Road, in the city at about 2130 BST on Monday.

Police said two windows were broken in the attack. They said the three people were treated for injuries from flying glass.

They have appealed for anyone with information about the attack to contact them.

Belfast Bus Company manager Susan Sullivan said it was lucky no-one was seriously injured.

"I have had the opportunity to view the footage of the interior of the bus when the attack happened.

"The young people all just scrambled out of their seats trying to get away from the windows, hitting the floor in the middle of the bus.

"They were literally throwing their arms around one and other, trying to safeguard each other.

"Being a bus driver myself, I know what it sounds like when a missile hits the window.

"The noise alone would terrify you, let alone the windows and glass actually coming in around you," she said.

DUP assembly member Robin Newton condemned the attack.

He said: "At this time of economic difficulty when Northern Ireland is increasingly reliant on tourism to support jobs in the economy this type of incident is disgraceful."

Alliance Councillor Judith Cochrane said that she was "appalled that someone would stoop so low as to carry out an attack like this".