Brother appeals to find killers of John Barr

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The brother of a south Belfast man murdered seven years ago has begun a leaflet campaign to find the killers.

John Barr, 51, was found dead in his Hatfield Street home in the lower Ormeau Road area in April 2003.

Charges were dropped against two people accused of mrdering him.

His 70-year-old brother, Tim, says he is hopeful that distributing more than 1,000 leaflets in the area may jog someone's memory or prick the conscience of his killers.

"I'm hopeful but all we can do is wait. Whoever did this may say 'I can't take this anymore in my head'.

"Seven years have passed; police would tell you cases have been solved after 20 years, but what good is that to me? I'll be dead then, the rest of my brothers and sisters will be dead."

Police said at the time it had been a "protracted and quite a violent attack".

Mr Barr said the killing of his brother was hard to understand.

"He was a fella who lived on his own and took a drink; he was never a fighter and was very quiet, as any of his neighbours would tell you.

"It's very hard to live with; it's in your head every day.

"Nobody has any idea why he was murdered. Maybe it was a row which went wrong, but my brother wasn't a fighter. It's still a big mystery to us.

"I don't think enough has been done. You're left waiting on a call from police."

In a statement, police said the serious crime branch's investigation into the murder of John Barr was "live and ongoing".

"Officers are examining a number of potential lines of enquiry," it added.