Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price did not steal vodka

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Convicted Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price has been acquitted of a charge of shoplifting at Newry Magistrates Court.

Appearing under her married name Dolours Rea, she was charged with the theft of a £20 bottle of vodka from Sainsbury's in Newry last November.

Security staff followed her after a tag on the bottle set off an alarm. She had been filmed on CCTV attempting to scan the bottle at a self-service checkout.

Ms Rea said it was her first time using the scanner but thought she had paid.

She told the court there may have been "a momentary lapse of concentration", but it was "not in her temperament or breeding" to take things from shops without paying.

She said she had been on medication for a number of years for anxiety, stress and depression.

The magistrate Mr Eamon King said it was clear from Ms Rea's demeanour that she was still on medication.

He said he was not convinced that the defendant had made a deliberate attempt to avoid payment.

Dolours Price was among a number of people convicted of a 1973 bombing outside the Old Bailey which killed one person and injured almost 200 others.