Northern Ireland

Tourists from Northern Ireland are attacked in Portugal

Two Londonderry women are recovering after being attacked and robbed in Portugal.

Donna Powell, 35, and her friend Deirdre Cowley, who is in her 20s, were attacked in Albufeira on the Algarve early on Saturday.

Mrs Powell was stabbed in the leg and Ms Cowley suffered broken ribs in the attack.

Speaking to BBC Radio Foyle Donna's father, Neil Conaghan, said it was a terrifying experience for both women.

Mr Conaghan explained that the two women were walking the 10 minute journey back to their apartment after a night out when the incident happened.

He said that before the attack a young man had stopped them in a distressed state, saying he had just been robbed and beaten up by a gang of men. The man then ran off.

Five men then approached and, instead of following the young man, set upon the two women.

Mrs Powell was punched in the face and knocked out.

"While my daughter was lying on the ground they stabbed her in the back of the leg and she required five stitches," Mr Conaghan said.

Ms Cowley was also kicked and beaten.

The gang stole about 200 euro from the women, along with keys and other possessions.

After the attackers fled, four young men from Dublin discovered the two women and helped them back to their apartment.

Mrs Powell was bleeding profusely and both women were taken to hospital.

Five other tourists including an Irishman and four English people were also in the hospital for treatment after being mugged.

Mr Conaghan said his daughter and Ms Cowley were still in shock but were recovering from their injuries.