Northern Ireland

Heavy rain and flash floods threaten Londonderry homes

Heavy rain caused widespread disruption in parts of Londonderry on Wednesday, with flash flooding affecting a number of areas.

Big Wood Road in the Ardmore area remained closed on Thursday after torrential showers caused major damage.

Homes in nearby Nicholson Gardens had to be sand-bagged against the rising water.

Local resident Ken McCorkle said the flooding was a frequent occurence.

"Every time there's heavy rain the roads flood. People like myself and my brother-in-law have to clear it ourselves," he said.

Judy Simpson who lives in Nicholson Gardens in Ardmore said the water covered both the back and front of her house.

"At the garden in the front you couldn't even see the grass with all the water in it," she said.

SDLP Rural Derry Councillor Brenda Stevenson said people were concerned about the damage the ongoing flooding was doing to their property.

"People are very frustrated at the lack of long-term strategic planning by DRD Road Services to tackle this problem.

"Whilst Roads Service have been out on this occasion, drained away some of the water and left out sandbags, this is only a short-term measure and will not alleviate the long-term problem," she said.

Other areas were also badly affected by the floods including the Glenshane Road near the Belfry Country Inn and the Forge Road in Ardmore.