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Julian O'Neill

Image caption Julian O'Neill

Julian has been reporting for 20 years. He left Cardiff University with a post-graduate diploma in journalism in 1989 and joined the Larne Times.

He then went to Downtown Radio, clocking up the miles in his Renault 5 criss-crossing the country covering news stories around-the-clock.

He joined the BBC in 1998, first working on the Ceefax and radio newsdesks before going to TV.

Much of his time is spent on live location broadcasts for BBC Newsline - it's a great buzz, if not always good for the heart.

Julian is from Glengormley and is married with two children.

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Tara Mills

Image caption Tara Mills

Tara's first article was printed in Twinkle Magazine when she was seven.

It was some years before the next one was published - by the Irish News while she studied politics at the University of Ulster.

After a post-grad in journalism she worked for Citybeat and The Spectator in Bangor. A move across the water followed with a three-year stint at Radio Clyde in Glasgow.

She moved back home to Belfast to the BBC in 1998 and has been working across radio and television ever since. She became one of BBC Newsline's reporters seven years ago. She has a special interest in social affairs.

Outside work, Tara used to enjoy running. She's now running shorter distances: after her young children Daniel and Aimee!

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