Northern Ireland

Judge takes offence at defendant's choice of T-shirt

A judge has warned a man accused of a drug offence that his choice of clothing verged on contempt of court.

Karl Watson appeared in the dock at Limavady Magistrates' Court wearing a T-shirt which bore the message "I don't abuse alcohol I just drink it".

The 23-year-old from Glenview Drive, Limavady, was charged with possessing cannabis.

The judge said it was not suitable for a court appearance and said he should consider his attire more carefully.

When Mr Watson took his place in the dock, District Judge Paul Copeland asked a defence solicitor if his client had "dressed in the dark".

He adjourned the case for a week but as Mr Watson left the court he was called back and warned about "smirking".

Judge Copeland told the defendant: "This is a court room not a street corner."