Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland people 'can't keep secrets'

Whispering secret

If you live in Northern Ireland and have got an embarrassing secret, you'd be as well to keep it to yourself, if the results of a new survey are to be believed.

Research carried out by TV channel Syfy found that less than two out of 10 people in Northern Ireland are likely to keep a secret they are told.

The figure makes us the UK's biggest blabbermouths.

The survey also suggests that men and women in Northern Ireland are the most likely in the UK to know a detrimental secret about someone else, (55%).

Partners are regarded as the most trustworthy - 40% of NI respondents said they would be happy to confide a secret to them.

In contrast, they rated the workplace as the least safe haven for private or personal information, having zero trust in colleagues and minimal trust in their boss (2.5%).

Whereas most of the UK has secrets that revolve solely around relationships (42%), those in Northern Ireland carry an equal amount of secrets about relationships (27%) as they do money (27%).

Syfy carried out the research to coincide with the premiere of a new drama series called Haven on 7 October 2010.

The series depicts a "small town with a big secret".

Three thousand people across the UK were questioned as part of the survey.