Northern Ireland

Dissident bomb disruption continues in Londonderry

Londonderry is still suffering disruption following Monday's bomb explosion on the Culmore Road.

The bomb site remains cordoned off by the PSNI, although some traffic restrictions have been lifted.

The police are expected to review the situation towards midday on Wednesday.

Derry City Centre manager Jim Roddy said ordinary people are determined not to allow the bombers to stop the city's progress.

"Last week we had a delegation in New York selling the city to tourists and asking people to come to our city," he said.

"That's the sort of work we should all be getting behind now and we must make sure we don't let these people stop this city moving forward.

"We want to build a city that's bright for our young people."

The Real IRA has admitted responsibility for the device which was left close to the Ulster Bank on the Culmore Road.

The police said the bomb was more than 200lb, making it more powerful than the car bomb used to attack the city in August.

Two police officers who were standing close to the cordon received neck and ear injuries when they were knocked to the ground by the blast.

The area had been cleared when the bomb exploded but a bank and several shops were damaged by the explosion.

Police commander for the area, Chief Superintendent Stephen Martin, said at a news conference on Tuesday that police believed the Ulster Bank and the local hotel were not the intended targets and that the bomb may have been abandoned there because of a police presence in the area.

He also confirmed that up to 200 people were in the hotel when the warning was received.

Businessman Garvan O'Doherty, the owner of Da Vinci's Hotel, said the focus should remain on peace.

"The vast majority are focused on the partnership approach to peace. This will not detract those of us who want a stable society," he said.

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