Writ served against property developer John Taggart

image captionTitanic Quarter Ltd is suing John Taggart over failing to complete the purchase of an apartment.

Another director of the failed property firm Taggart Holdings is being sued for failing to complete the purchase of an apartment.

Titanic Quarter Ltd is suing John Taggart, the brother of company co-director Michael Taggart.

The writ, filed on 8 April, refers to the alleged breach of an agreement to buy a property in the Abercorn residential complex.

Taggart Holdings went into administration in October 2008.

Mr Taggart's brother Michael is among a number of people being sued over their failure to complete the purchase of flats in Belfast's Ormeau Bakery development.

The brothers began building houses 20 years ago in Londonderry and built a small sub-contracting firm into one of the biggest house-building operations in Ireland.

It was reported that Taggart Holdings owed an estimated £170m when it went into administration after Ulster Bank and Bank of Ireland called in their debts.

John Taggart's case is due for mention in the High Court later this week.

Titanic Quarter Ltd is owned by Harcourt Developments Ltd, a company controlled by Donegal developer Pat Doherty.

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