Eight struck by measles outbreak


The Public Health Agency (PHA) has declared an outbreak of measles after eight cases of the disease have emerged in the past few weeks.

The first two cases were associated with a volunteer youth work initiative, which took place over the weekend. A further six cases have developed.

The PHA has been in contact with all the associated groups.

It is the second outbreak this year, in January there were 10 cases in the Craigavon area.

About nine to 11 days after being in contact with the measles infection, the following symptoms begin to appear:

  • Cold-like symptoms, such as runny nose, watery eyes, swollen eyelids, and sneezing
  • Red eyes and sensitivity to light
  • A mild to severe temperature, which may peak over 40.6C (105F) for several days. Temperature may fall after several days, but may go up again when the rash appears;
  • Tiny greyish-white spots (called Koplik's spots) in the mouth and throat
  • Tiredness, irritability and general lack of energy
  • Aches and pains
  • Poor appetite
  • Dry cough
  • Red-brown spotty rash that appears three to four days after first symptoms, and lasts for up to eight days. The spots usually start behind the ears, spread around the head and neck, and after 2-3 days spread to the legs and the rest of the body. The spots start small but quickly get bigger and often join up together. Similar looking rashes may be
  • Most childhood rashes are not measles, but parents should consult their GP without delay if they suspect it is measles; symptoms worsen; the temperature increases to above 38°C and the temperature stays high after other symptoms have gone.

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