NI firm fined £80,000 after worker falls into chamber

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The case was heard at Downpatrick Crown Court

A County Down company has been fined £80,000 after one of its workers was seriously injured when he fell into an underground chamber in Bangor last year.

John Graham (Dromore) Limited admitted two breaches of health and safety legislation at Downpatrick Crown Court.

The case was brought by the NI Health and Safety Executive (HSENI).

The man suffered severe injuries to his head and spine in the accident on 26 June last year.

It happened during the construction of a 6.4m deep underground water collection chamber.

The court heard the man was now in a "paraplegic condition" and had a "traumatic brain injury".

Following the hearing, Kevin Campbell, an inspector with HSENI said it was vital that companies "identified and addressed hazards within the workplace".

"Falls from height must be prevented by the implementation of sensible and effective procedures," he said.

"These systems need to be communicated to the workforce, implemented, maintained, and updated when necessary."

He said "simple measures" would have prevented the worker on the Bangor project from falling.