John Hume is named 'Ireland's greatest'

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John Hume
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John Hume has been named the winner of Ireland's Greatest person series

The former leader of the SDLP, John Hume, has been named the winner of Ireland's Greatest person series.

Over the past five weeks, the finalists have been profiled in a series of television documentaries on RTE.

The results of the public vote were revealed on The Late Late Show last night.

The 73-year-old Nobel laureate beat other historical and contemporary figures such as Michael Collins, James Connolly, Mary Robinson and Bono.

The SDLP MP for Foyle Mark Durkan said he was delighted for both Mr Hume and his wife.

"People can write memoirs that put them at the centre of the peace process, at the centre of agreement and breakthrough, but it was John Hume who drew the map and wrote the plan and led the way," Mr Durkan said.

"He provided the sat-nav that brought everyone from their different and hopeless positions to the place of peace, shared institutions and stability.

"He brought us to a place where we can face up to the urgency of common challenges while respecting the integrity of different allegiances."