Vandals target RSPB headquarters for ninth time

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The headquarters of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) in Belfast has been attacked by vandals.

The ground floor windows of the charity's offices in Belvoir Park Forest were broken over the weekend.

The charity has been at their Belvoir office premises for more than fifteen years

The conservation manager at the park, Anne-Marie McDevitt said the offices have been attacked repeatedly since the start of the year.

"Nine attacks since February is a lot so we're coming in replacing the glass and obviously the cost and time of that means that money which should be going into wildlife is not," she said.

"We've put in some CCTV cameras and we got some nice clear footage from those which showed on the most recent attack, breaking the windows but not just that, the window frames themselves and also youths filming what they were doing."

RSPB Director Dr James Robinson said it was "extremely distressing to think that such vicious behaviour could be levelled at anyone or anything".

The charity is asking anyone with information to contact police.