UU in Holyland Halloween warning

image captionThe area has a mixture of students and long-term residents

The University of Ulster has issued a warning to students about their behaviour over the Halloween weekend.

The University statement said it was essential students celebrated in a respectful manner.

The Holylands, which has a high student population, has seen significant street disturbances in recent years.

The university said anyone breaching the UU charter could get written warnings or fines on their academic records.

In the letter to students it said: "As you prepare to celebrate Halloween, we would like to remind you the Student Charter of the University of Ulster - to which you signed up to - states that "you will not behave in an anti-social manner, on or off campus.

"That you will behave in a responsible manner in respect of the accommodation you occupy, relations with co-habitants, neighbours and local community."

It also warned that anti-social behaviour may result in disciplinary action.

"Disciplinary action is a very serious matter. Written warnings or fines go on your academic record.

"Anti social behaviour resulting in a criminal prosecution is even worse, with a criminal record affecting your employment prospects and any plans you may have to travel abroad.

"It is essential those of you living off campus within local communities remember you are living in close proximity to long term residents who have a different lifestyle to yourself," the statement continued.

"In order to maintain good relations and ensure the whole community lives in harmony, you must respect your neighbours.

"That means ensuring they are not kept awake or terrified by noisy parties or rowdy or aggressive behaviour on the streets.

"The University of Ulster and its Students' Union will continue to work closely with our partners from statutory and public bodies along with local community associations to address the complex issues of students living within the communities."

Earlier in the month a meeting was held to discuss how to avoid disorder in south Belfast's Holyland area at Halloween.

At a Halloween planning group met earlier this month in a bid to prevent disruption to local residents.

It included representatives from the police, Belfast City Council, the University of Ulster and Queen's University.

About 80 students union representatives wearing green vests also helped out, serving tea and quelling potential sources of trouble.

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