Northern Ireland

Ballykelly woman jailed for storing cocaine

A Ballykelly woman has been jailed for six months after she admitted storing drugs worth £250,000 at her home.

Police found cocaine, amphetamines, cannabis and ketamine at 46-year-old Helen Heaney's house in Riverview.

Londonderry Crown Court was told that she had been targeted by her then partner, who she was unaware was a convicted drug dealer.

District Judge Desmond Marrinan said in committing the offences Heaney had "allowed her heart to rule her head".

The court heard that Heaney's former partner is in custody awaiting sentencing after drugs were discovered in a car in Lisburn on the day her home was searched.

Defence barrister Eilish MacDermott said Heaney thought her partner was a perfect gentleman, but in reality he was someone who had deliberately targeted her because she was emotionally vulnerable.

She has not heard from him since her arrest.

Judge Marrinan said Heaney's former partner was a "Svengali-type person" who had used his personality to charm her into becoming involved in serious drugs offences.

He said he had used her for his own nefarious purposes and had been a malign influence on her life.